Sputnik Denver: Music + Bar + Restaunt = Happy Customers

Sputnik is a mix of three things: a bar, a restaurant, and a music venue. Amazingly, it does a good job of mixing the three things into one relatively small location.

Delicious Dinner at Sputnik

We had three delicious parts to our dinner:

  • Arépes Ecuadorian corn cakes filled with cheese and topped with veggies.
  • Sweet potato fries Which come with the choice of sauces, we got three: chimichurri, especial sauce, and banana-ketchup sauce. The banana-ketchup sauce was kind of like baby food but also amazingly good (in a weird way).

Buffalo Doughboy Bakery

Buffalo Doughboy Bakery is an amazing breakfast location. They provide coffee and other typical early morning treats, but the major reason to head to Buffalo Doughboy is their amazing pastries. Sweet, savory, veggie-filled, the pastries are all crisp and fluffy and absolutely delicious.

My favorites: asiago and prosciutto or the "crocodile" which is cinnamon, sugar, apples, and pecans.

Critiques of Buffalo Doughboy

Buffalo Doughboy's new sign

Snow on Sandstone Tower

We got a sprinkling of snow this morning which left a fun bit of contrast to the sandstone tower in my garden.

About Baker Now and Denver's Baker Neighborhood

This site is meant to be a few things:

  1. A community site for people interested in Denver's Baker Neighborhood.
  2. A resource of information related to the Baker Neighborhood including
    • Information on local businesses
    • Ideas and observations about gardening in the area
    • Photos of the neighborhood
    • News about upcoming events like art shows and musical performances.

Mona's Broadway

Mona's is a great breakfast/lunch spot. Their interior is really unique - I particularly like the marbles that are in the concrete table tops and the curvy chalk board walls (yes, you can write on them).

The food could be described as "modern comfort food," perhaps, though there are probably more and better ways to describe it. My favorite is the eggs benedict which comes with home fries (which have grilled onions and peppers). Delicious.

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