An Occasional Vegetarian in the Brewery Bar II

The Brewery Bar is famous for having "Denver's best green chile" so I was a little disappointed by the menu's lack of vegetarian options: none of the chiles are vegetarian and few of the dishes are.

Now that said, the food was still delicious. I had a chicken enchilada with enchilada sauce (which is vegetarian) and my lunch-mate had a chile relleno (served as a strip of peper and cheese deep fried rather than the more traditional "stuffed" pepper style).

Baker in the news

Baker turned up repeatedly this week in two of Denver's better news blogs, WestWord's The Latest Word, and Elevated Voices from 5280 Magazine

interesting events sometimes pop up in these blogs only a day or two before they happen, so this is just a a retrospective ...

931 W 5th Ave - Infinite Monkey Theorem storage facility


Infinite Monkey Theorem
931 W 5th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
United States
39° 43' 27.786" N, 104° 59' 58.2324" W

previously this was the winery and tasting room of Infinite Monkey Theorem, but operations moved to a much larger facility at 3200 Larimer St. in July 2012; as of March 2013 this location still appears to be used by the winery for storage

Bolt Factory - 209 Kalamath


209 Kalamath Street
Denver, CO 80223
United States
39° 43' 11.1648" N, 105° 0' 2.25" W

The "Bolt Factory" (who knows what the building was originally for) has been renovated and is now home to several different businesses.

The building is a project of Mark Brannon.

Gov. Ritter to create Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media

the Colorado Film Commission, located within the Denver Studio Complex at S. Cherokee & Alameda in Baker, will receive a visit from Governor Bill Ritter on 4 June

Ritter will conduct a public signing of House Bill 1010, which promotes the Commission to the status of state agency, the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media

coffee hour at 9, signing at 9:45, agency officially created, 1 July 2009; the bill also creates tax incentives for making films in Colorado


On Baker's Corner: Sewer re-routing to facilitate repairs

The Metro Wastewater Reclamation District is the wastewater treatment agency for most of metropolitan Denver. The District provides wastewater transmission and treatment services to Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Lakewood, Thornton, Westminster, and the other member municipalities and special connectors in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Blessing of the Bicycles at the House for All - 5th and Bannock


Are you getting ready for the summer biking season? Don't forget that after you patch any flats and grease your chain you should also consider getting your bike blessed:

From the House for All site:

1st Annual Blessing of the Bicycles
Brought to you by House for All Sinners and Saints
Sunday May 17th 3:30PM
501 Bannock (2 blocks west of Broadway on Bannock)

Hat tip to BikeDenver for the scoop.

Blessing of the Bicycles Poster

From the House for All blessing of the bicycles.

Baker highlighted in Post article on zoning code revamp

a Post article today, Denver zoning code revamp afoot, makes a point using Baker as an example:

For instance, the existing code specifies that a new single-family home should be built on a lot of at least 6,000 square feet.
While that might work in "suburban-type" neighborhoods, it doesn't conform to historic areas such as the Baker neighborhood, with smaller lots built on streets laid out in a grid pattern.

Rita Bass deforested!

this morning workers were removing at least a dozen healthy trees from the treelawn and lawn of the Rita Bass Trauma and Emergency Medical Services Education Institute; requested info from public_relations(at) but no response yet ...

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