bees on a flower (squash?)

fairmont market selling produce

Hellanova Case at One Eyed Jacks during The Nod Show

While listening to The Nod I noticed this One Eyed Jacks sticker on a case from Hellanova. Well done, guys.

475 Santa Fe Drive


475 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
United States
39° 43' 26.058" N, 104° 59' 56.3856" W

currently awaiting a new name under new ownership; liquor license was transferred to the name "Baker Art"


formerly One Eyed Jacks, formerly the Continental Club, formerly a string of other sketchy bars, is a refreshing update to a forgotten location.

about One Eyed Jacks it we had written:

"It definitely has some "dive bar" characteristics. Patrons are offered their choice of two kinds of PBR: can, or really-big-can.

new zoning code touches Baker, reveals Main Street plans for Broadway

Denver is presenting its New Zoning Code with a highly interactive community website — city staff are blogging, residents can sign up to comment, updates are fairly regular, and the site actively helps you find information …

new zoning code - Council District 9 workshop

Council District 9 workshop on the draft new zoning code and draft zoning map; this will be the first look at what zones are slated for Baker

location: Asbury Event Center, 3011 Vallejo

dwindling funnel cloud from Archer & Bannock

taken 14 July at 1:48 p.m.

didn't get the camera out until it had turned sideways and started retracting into the clouds

comilla inutil - Capri Night Club's Unnecessary "Quotations" on their rules

These rules translate roughly as:

  • Only with I.D.
  • Drinks "From Outside" are not allowed.
  • "No" Drugs allowed in the Capri

I guess some drugs are allowed?

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