Belemonti's Pizzeria - Today is pizza day

Earth Dog's front door

Mile High Vienna Stand Sign on Santa Fe

Rackhouse Pub to open adjacent to Stranahan's Whiskey Distillery

Rackhouse Pub is moving into the south end of the building now owned by Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey; Rackhouse has applied for a hotel and restaurant liquor license and a cabaret (dancing) license; the owners presented at the September BHNA meeting and their license hearing is today; according to the company's Twitter feed, they plan to open 9 October

Studio 12 Gallery adds a sign

Stranahan's Whiskey Sign

Baker population since 1970

source: The Piton Foundation; this chart is not zero-based, so please read the numbers in the scale of the graph

Baker birth rates vs. Denver - percent change year on year.

This graph shows percent changes in birth rates for Baker and Denver with a scale of zero. This lets us get a sense for how big the changes area and when they happened in a way that nominal graphs with a limited scale don't.

Compare it to Baker births graph created by Piton foundation's website.

Nominal birth rates - Baker vs. Denver, scale including zero

This graph shows nominal birth rates in Baker and Denver with a scale of zero. Note that Denver's birth rate is charted against the left axis while Baker's is charted against the right axis. This lets us easily compare them even though Denver has two more zeroes on the right of it's date (i.e. 10,000 vs. 100).

Compare it to Baker births graph created by Piton foundation's website.

Piton site holds a trove of Baker demographics

the Piton Foundation, a private foundation benefiting communities, publishes detailed demographics of the Baker neighborhood

the site is full of useful and interesting facts on housing, economics, safety and families, plus some powerful tools for exploring the data; for example the "map" links on each data row load a geographic comparison of Baker with surrounding Denver neighborhoods on the relevant statistic

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