Humble Pie grand opening at 300 Elati on 20 October

The Humble Pie Store has announced its grand-opening celebration 20 October 2012 (the announcement is not on their site yet, but here's a press release)

Girls Athletic Leadership School comes to Del Pueblo

Betsy Barrow, the School Manager & Enrollment Coordinator, writes to tell us:

What is Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS)?

GALS Denver is a Denver Public Schools middle school serving girls in grades 6 - 8. Located in central Denver, GALS provides a college preparatory education in a supportive environment that fosters the academic mastery and personal development necessary for every young woman to become a powerful advocate for herself and leader of her community.

Wood Partners - Alta Alameda Station

Wood Partners are a national developer building a housing development at 275 S. Cherokee, the former Denver Studios Complex.

ampersands on Broadway #7: Ben at Happy Coffee

Ben Schweizer takes espresso orders at Happy Coffee with an ampersand on his bicep, a burr grinder and Chemex glassware in the background; Ben had a contemplative explanation for how he chose this tattoo, combining his interests in typography, etymology and literature

the form of this ampersand, combining three simple arcs and a line, seems to fit the functional minimalism of Happy Coffee’s furniture and fixtures, but surely Ben carries it with him into more chaotic settings …

the design is a Bryan Angelo Lim creation for the 2010 charity font project FontAid IV, a collection of 400 ampersands to represent the concept of “coming together"

(seventh in a series — typography on Broadway may be intimate or visible for miles; focusing on the typographic form of ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate Baker’s diversity)

welcome to Baker, Wood Partners

i suppose the irony escaped the developers of the 388-unit “Alta Alameda Station” apartment complex that will replace the old Denver Soundstage — in Spanish, Alta Alameda means roughly “high tree-lined boulevard” or “high walkway under the trees”, and yet the huge, healthy trees that were a landmark at this edge of Baker’s residential area are now gone

huge trees felled

fox on First

a fox pokes its head out of the storm sewer today on First Ave. west of Santa Fe

foxes are common in Baker

according to this fox fact sheet from the City of Denver, foxes rarely harm humans or pets, and they help control the population of other urban wildlife species, but foxes are better off if they don't get comfortable with people; do not leave cat or dog food or edible garbage where a fox (or skunk, raccoon or coyote) might find it; scare foxes away if they seem to hang around

Breckenridge Brewery's in-state expansion stymied by legislature

Baker's Breckenridge Brewery will feel the immediate effect of a legislative maneuver, and won't be able to build a new brewery within Colorado; as the Denver Business Journal reports, the state legislature has quashed a bill that would have allowed brewpubs to brew more than 60,000 barrels per year

openings on Broadway - Happy Coffee, Gary Lee's, Adrift

three new businesses have opened on Broadway since the end of April; all had lingered past their optimistic original opening dates, but the lingering prize goes to appropriately-named Adrift, which obtained its liquor license in 2006 and then sat empty for years with a petulant note in the window, “if banks would loan …”:

large housing development to replace Denver Studio Complex at 275 S. Cherokee

multiple outlets yesterday announced that Wood Partners plans to build a 388-unit "community" to be named Alta Alameda Station at the site of the former Denver Studio Complex; construction is to begin "early May 2012", presumably with the demolition of the large studio complex, where the Perry Mason television series was filmed

cute as a rat terrier - 1978 Swinger 2 by JC Penny

only a few steps north of the afore-pictured monster bike, here is "Swinger 2 by JC Penny" parked at Burnzwell, 108 S. Broadway

its affable owner offered that it was the 1978 model; the small displacement engine means it doesn't require license plates and may be legally parked on the sidewalk

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