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Whiskey barrels on the wall

The Rackhouse Pub has nice whiskey barrels on the walls and has booths shaped like giant fermentation tanks. I love it.

24 DVDs - $160 - Blockbuster going out of business

This stack of 24 dvds was $160 while retail prices might normally be more like $360.

Blockbuster Video - Going out of business


550 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203-4426
United States
39° 43' 29.5896" N, 104° 58' 59.5236" W

The blockbuster at 6th and Grant is going out of business. They said that they'll be at the location until January, but will not be renting and will only be selling DVDs - at very low prices of between $3 and $10 - for the coming months.

Tuna Melt at Rackhouse Pub

Stewart's Turkey Sandwich at Rackhouse Pub

I had a Stewart's Turkey sandwich, which was delicious.

This sandwich was named after stewart neal

Front Door at Corporate Imprints Embroidery - Casino Marketing Specialists

The front door of this business on Lipan street offers a strong impression to the neighborhood.

Image complete and Brewery Bar II - Commerce on Kalamath

With these two businesses lined up near 2nd and Kalamath it's hard to claim that this is just an "Industrial" zone.

Image complete lighting sign on north side of building

Here's their sign at night on the north side of the building. Having the lit signage and lights inside turned on really makes the area a lot more pedestrian and commerce friendly.

  • Art
  • Decor
  • Lighting
  • Artistict framing
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