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Indy Ink in Denver

Indy Ink is primarily a t-shirt company that does screenprinting and classes in screenprinting and supports the local design/art community.

Mt. Meeker from Bolt Factory

I think this is meeker. It's pretty, whatever it is.

Mt. Evans as seen from Bolt Factory

Sunrise over Rio Grande from Bolt FActory

The sunrise was pretty amazing this morning, like a wall of fire in the sky to the west.

Baker's biggest park: Dailey or Milstein?

most people think Dailey Park is the biggest park in Baker, but another park, Phil Milstein Park, is tucked into the extreme northwestern corner of Baker's boundaries; it's a long, skinny park tucked against the South Platte River; if you reach it by normal means (the Platte River Trail), you actually have to leave Baker to get to it

but how big is Milstein? how big is Dailey?

Breckenridge Brewery Candidate for Metromix Best Brewery of Denver

The Breckenridge Brewery is up for an award on the Metromix Best of Denver in the Best Brewery category. Their facility located at 471 Kalamath is on the western side of the Baker Neighborhood.

They are up against:

  • Twisted Pine in Boulder
  • Walnut Brewery in Boulder
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company in downtown (which, aside from the novelty chile beer makes downright disgusting beers)
  • New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins

Moe's Barbecue

There is currently a petition going around the northeast corner of the neighborhood to get a liquor license (interestingly enough they are requesting a hotel & restaurant license AND a cabaret license - I'm not familiar enough with the details to know why that would be helpful to them). This license would be for the old auto repair building at 530 Broadway, where the business would be a Moe's Barbecue.

Quality Paws logo in storefront window

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