ampersands on Broadway #8: a new address for a dress?

detail of a child’s dress recently for sale at Compassion Thrift Store, 414 Broadway (spotted by Loretta K.)

this is our most enigmatic ampersand yet: a post-modern combination of birds in flight, dapper foxes with helium balloons, lace fringe, and the word — not the glyph — Ampersand in a typeface a step above Comic Sans; we can only imagine how this has influenced the children who’ve worn it; it may still be there waiting to be worn again

Denver Relief to set up $10M cannabis investment fund

Baker was mentioned in the national financial news: an article on Yahoo Finance goes into the complexities of financing marijuana dispensaries and grow operations from the perspective of Denver Relief, an established Baker retail, cultivation, consulting and wellness business; Denver Relief is now putting together a $10 mllion "cannabis-focused investment fund" hoping to profit from Colorado's evolving marijuana business landscape

Sugar Bakeshop and Sweet Action to appear on The Cooking Channel

if you receive "The Cooking Channel", tune in 13 January (and a few other dates, see link) to Wild West Sweets, which will survey sucrose in Denver, particularly at Broadway sweet spots Sweet Action Ice Cream and Sugar Bakeshop

via Eater Denver

pumps, pipes, hoses and control equipment at Breckenridge Brewery

This is just part of the massive amounts of plumbing, hoses, pumps and control equipment at Breckenridge Brewery.

Grain storage tower behind Breckenridge Brewer

This is the big grain storage behind breckenridge brewery.

Construction underway at Adrift Tiki Bar

This photo is from June of 2011 when construction was underway ripping down the Waterloo coffee bar and preparing it to become the Adrift Tiki Bar.

Delicious and Beautiful: Latte and Pastry at Bardo Coffee Shop

I love getting a latte with a nice design in the top and pairing it with a little Buffalo Doughboy pastry feels like a little slice of heaven.

Well done, Bardo!

holiday decor at Broadway & Ellsworth, 16 December 1968

44 years 3 days ago, a tall cone of lights rose over what is now Goodwill (it was Penney’s then), and garlands stretched across the street; the Ellsworth Hotel stood where we now have the One Broadway complex

via Denver is Strange, this image from the Denver Public Library Western History Collection centers on the west side of Broadway at Ellsworth (the street-numbering zero-point of all of Denver)

Denver Loyalty Program is saving Baker residents money

LocalBonus is a local business loyalty program that lets users connect their existing credit/debit card to their account, earn point at our merchants and redeem for cash back rewards. They have recently launched in Denver with over 300 merchants, many in the Baker area.

Here's how it works:
- simply create an account at
- connect any and all yours cards
- start shopping at any of the merchants:
- You'll earn a certain amount of points per $1 spent

JAK Auto property for sale to a developer

I happened to drive by at a time when the real estate agent was onsite with a potential buyer. The property is zoned for residential but has an existing use for auto repair. Of course, that "existing use" hasn't been in active use for at least a decade so I'm not sure if they can claim an exception based on that.

Would it be appropriate for a "live-work" space for certain kinds of office purposes? What about some retail with limited traffic?

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